Released 31.07.2020
Country Finland
EAN/UPC 6417138671066
We Jazz
Electronic Jazz
Abstract Future Jazz Space-Age
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About this album

Otis Sandsjö's latest album 'Y-Otis 2' is a captivating fusion of jazz and electronic music that showcases the Swedish saxophonist's unique sound and innovative approach to music. With his virtuosic saxophone skills and use of electronic effects, Sandsjö creates a mesmerizing blend of traditional jazz elements and modern electronic beats. The album features a dynamic mix of original compositions and covers, showcasing Sandsjö's versatility as a musician. From the hauntingly beautiful melodies of "I Will Wait for You" to the energetic and groovy vibes of "Teach Me", 'Y-Otis 2' is a must-listen for any jazz lover looking for something fresh and exciting.
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1 Waldo
2 Tremendoce
3 Oisters
4 Abysmal
5 Koppom
6 Ity Bity
7 Sapiens
8 Bobby
9 Fruehling
10 Atombahn