Released 28.04.2023
Country Europe
EAN/UPC 8054529000920
Cruz Del Sur Music
Heavy Metal
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Wild Rites And Ancient Songs

Blazon Rite

About this album

Blazon Rite's 'Wild Rites And Ancient Songs' takes listeners on a journey through the realms of traditional heavy metal with a modern twist. The album is a powerful and compelling display of the band's dynamic sound, blending melodic guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and soaring vocals. Each track is a testament to the band's skillful musicianship and their ability to capture the essence of classic metal while infusing it with their own unique energy. From anthemic tracks like "Warrior's Anthem" to the epic closing ballad "Majesty in Flames," 'Wild Rites And Ancient Songs' is a must-listen for any metal fan.
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1 Autumn Fear Brings Winter Doom
2 Salvage What You Can Of The Night
3 The Fall Of A Once Great House I.Blood, Ichor, Stone And Steel II.Final Battle For Renivore Keep
4 Mark Of The Stormborn Riders
5 Wild Rites And Ancient Songs
6 Troubadours Of The Final Quarrel
7 The Coming Tide Of Yule