Released 24.09.2021
Country Austria
EAN/UPC 9008798405763
Folk, World, & Country Funk / Soul Hip Hop Pop Rock
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Wien Musik 2021


About this album

"Experience the vibrant and diverse sounds of the Austrian capital with 'Wien Musik 2021', a compilation album featuring a curated selection of tracks from various artists. From traditional Viennese waltzes to contemporary pop and rock, this album showcases the rich musical landscape of Vienna. With each track offering a unique perspective on the city's culture and history, listeners are taken on a musical journey through the streets of Vienna. Whether you're a fan of classical music or modern beats, 'Wien Musik 2021' has something for everyone. Don't miss out on this captivating collection of Vienna's musical spirit."
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1 Bütün
2 EOTW (End Of The World)
3 Wien Oida
4 Heeey
5 The Answer
6 Ikarus (I Feel A Change)
7 Washed Up
8 91
9 Off By One
10 Black Nipple
11 Jelly Jelly
12 Elfi Semotan
13 Aus Der Asche
14 Clockwork
15 Perfect Silence
16 Puzzle
17 Want You
18 Control
19 Wasted
20 Altbautraum
21 Mmmh
22 At Home
23 The Future
24 Der Dritte Mann
25 Guten Morgen Wien
26 Gemma Billa
27 Jackpot (Gernot Blümels Laptop)
28 Ganz Wien Ist Clean
29 Frühlingsgespenster
30 Falsch
31 Ich Mache Mir Die Welt
32 Sternenhimmel
33 Von Währing Nach Kritzendorf
34 Jimmy
35 Aneinaderglaant
36 Tschu Amoi
37 Verhatschter Samstag
38 Laws And Apple Pie Order
39 Oblivious
40 Wien
41 Kumma Ned
42 Flusen
43 Fiebermesser
44 Sperrt's Den Steffl Zua
45 Le Dernier Métro