Album Reissue Stereo
Released 26.05.2017
Country Germany
EAN/UPC 0885513017321
Ambient Experimental
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About this album

The collaboration between electronic music pioneer Klaus Schulze and the experimental project Wahnfried has resulted in the mesmerizing album, 'Trancelation'. With Schulze's signature synth sounds and Wahnfried's unique approach to electronic music, this album takes listeners on a transcendent journey through pulsating beats, ethereal melodies, and hypnotic rhythms. Each track is a seamless blend of Schulze's mastery of soundscapes and Wahnfried's innovative production, creating an otherworldly experience for the listener. From start to finish, 'Trancelation' is a captivating fusion of electronic and trance music that will transport you to a state of pure musical euphoria.
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1 Intrance
2 Future World
3 I Like To Do Something For You
4 Crazy About
5 Abyss
6 Mental Atmosphere
7 Wahnfried's Dream
8 Future World 2
9 Transistor Radio
10 Duel
11 Oriental 1
12 Oriental 2
13 The End - Someday