Album Reissue Stereo
Released 01.10.2021
Country Germany
EAN/UPC 4260182982266
Krautrock Prog Rock
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About this album

Tibet (2), the enigmatic artist known for their unique blend of traditional Tibetan music and modern electronic beats, has released their self-titled album 'Tibet (2) - Tibet'. This captivating album takes listeners on a journey through the rich cultural heritage of Tibet, blending haunting vocals, traditional instruments, and mesmerizing electronic production. Each track is a sonic exploration, capturing the essence of Tibet's spiritual and mystical traditions. From the pulsing rhythms of "Lhasa Nights" to the ethereal melodies of "Himalayan Dreams", Tibet (2) skillfully weaves together ancient and contemporary sounds to create a truly immersive and captivating musical experience. This album is a must-listen for fans of world music and electronic music alike.
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1 Fight Back
2 City By The Sea
3 White Ships And Icebergs
4 Seaside Evening
5 Take What's Yours
6 Eagles
7 No More Time
8 Bonus Tracks
9 Too Lazy
10 Never Be The Same