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Released 05.08.2022
Country Germany
EAN/UPC 0194111018662
ZYX Music
Hands Up Happy Hardcore Hardstyle
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TechnoBase.FM Vol. 34


About this album

Various artists have once again come together to create an electrifying and dynamic album, Technobase.FM Volume 34. Featuring the hottest and most cutting-edge tracks from the world of techno and bass, this album is a must-have for any electronic music lover. From pulsating beats to mind-bending synth melodies, each track on this album will transport you to a whole new dimension. With contributions from some of the biggest names in the genre, including Klaas, Pulsedriver, and DJ Gollum, this album is a true representation of the ever-evolving sound of techno. So get ready to turn up the volume and get lost in the world of Technobase.FM Volume 34.
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1 CD1 Mixed By Clubbticket
2 It's Only Love (Original Mix)
3 Stay Or Be Alone (Original Mix)
4 If I Were You (Classic Mix)
5 I Still Wanna Know (Original Mix)
6 Stay Away (Original Mix)
7 Magic Melody (Original Mix)
8 The Night Is Beautiful (Original Mix)
9 Cool (Original Mix)
10 Make You Mine (Original Mix)
11 Pray To Be Yours (Original Mix)
12 Only You (Timster & Ninth Remix)
13 Music On The Radio (Original Mix)
14 Dame Tu Amor (Original Mix)
15 Edge Of Infinity (Original Mix)
16 Spire (Re-Inspired) (Original Mix)
17 Hold Me Now (DJ Fait Remix)
18 I Can't Wait (Original Mix)
19 Body (Original Mix)
20 Stand Up For Love (Hands Up Freaks Remix)
21 Sera D'Estate (Ein Bett Im Kornfeld (G4bby Feat. Bass Boyz Remix)
22 Survivors (Cloud Seven Remix)
23 Raindrops Over Me (Original Mix)
24 Complicated (Original Mix)
25 Be My Lover (Timster & Ninth Remix)
26 Have You Ever (Original Mix)
27 CD2 Mixed By Denox
28 I Love You (Original Mix)
29 Never Mine (Original Mix)
30 Don't Ever Let Go (Original Mix)
31 Give Me A Sign (DrumMasterz Remix)
32 Once We Hate (RainDropz! Mix)
33 Hands Up! (Original Mix)
34 I Feel Good (Original Mix)
35 Baby (Original Mix)
36 Without Your Love (Original Mix)
37 In Your Arms (Timster & Ninth Remix)
38 Reach My Best (Original Mix)
39 Falling Deeper (Original Mix)
40 River Flows In You (The Uniquerz Remix)
41 Heartbeats (Original Mix)
42 Achtung, Tanzen! (Timster & Ninth Remix)
43 Turntables Turn (Original Mix)
44 Waiting For You (Original Mix)
45 Thoughts Of You (Nick Skitz & Uwaukh Remix)
46 My Heart Is A Psycho (Original Mix)
47 The Fire (Jaiqoon Remix)
48 Break Free (Original Mix)
49 Coming Down (Original Mix)
50 I Feel Alive ((Original Mix)
51 Undercover (Original Mix)
52 The Last Laugh (Corrix Remix)
53 CD3 Mixed By Maws
54 Kindergeburtstag (G4bby Feat. Bazz Boyz Remix)
55 Closed Book (Original Mix)
56 Summer Luv (Original Mix)
57 Stuck In My Head (Original Mix)
58 Lady Marmalade (G4bby Feat. Bazz Boyz Remix)
59 Like The Way I Do (Sunny Cookie Remix)
60 I Just Wanna Have Fun (Original Mix)
61 All I Want Is Jumping (Original Mix)
62 Freiheit (Original Mix)
63 Anywhere (Marten van Larsen & Sonix Remix)
64 Wieder Auffer Tanze (D-Tune X H.U.P.D. Remix)
65 Shooting Star (Original Mix)
66 Never Look Back (Original Mix)
67 Mafia Style (D-Tune Mix)
68 Riot (Original Mix)
69 Hold Me Close Tonight (Original Mix)
70 Sweet Caroline (Original Mix)
71 Miracle (Sunvibez Mix)
72 Something I'm Not (Original Mix)
73 Knusperhaus (Original Mix)
74 Show Me (Original Mix)
75 Whoopie (Nick Unique Remix)
76 Searching (Original Mix)
77 Reignite (Original Mix)
78 Doki Doki (Original Mix)