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Released 19.07.2018
Country Unknown
EAN/UPC 5053760039822
Hip Hop
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About this album

Rotten Hill Gang's latest album, "Teach Peace," is a powerful and thought-provoking collection of songs that tackle the timely issues of social inequality and the pursuit of peace. Drawing inspiration from their own experiences growing up in London's notorious Rotten Hill neighborhood, the group delivers raw and honest lyrics over a blend of hip-hop, rock, and reggae beats. From the infectious energy of "Revolutionary Mind" to the poignant message of "Teach Peace," this album is a call to action for positive change in the world. Rotten Hill Gang's music is a reminder that through music, we can unite and spread a message of hope and unity.
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1 The Party's Ova!
2 If Everybody Had The Chance
3 If We're Feelin' It
4 Writers Block
5 Let Me Breathe
6 Deeper
7 Uncool In Nice (France)
8 Fatman Funkin'
9 A French Letter
10 Whatever Your Life Throws Out (You Gotta Deal With It)