Released 18.06.2021
Country Germany
EAN/UPC 0016728162722
Sunnyside Records
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Space Lab & Strings

Nikolaj Hess

About this album

Nikolaj Hess has once again captivated listeners with his latest album, 'Space Lab & Strings'. Known for his unique blend of jazz and electronic music, Hess takes us on a cosmic journey through his masterful compositions. The dreamy and ethereal soundscapes are elevated by the lush strings, creating a mesmerizing fusion of genres. Each track is a sonic exploration, showcasing Hess' unparalleled musical talent and creativity. With 'Space Lab & Strings', Nikolaj Hess pushes the boundaries of traditional jazz and delivers a truly innovative and captivating listening experience. This album is a must-listen for any music lover looking for a fresh and dynamic sound.
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1 ECM Country
2 Piece
3 Indigo Meadow
4 Ravel Reflections
5 Adagio
6 Trio2
7 Seven Ate Nine
8 Danish Accents Lost In The Bush (IABDYVWIN)
9 Kontra Punk
10 Tinir
11 Trio1
12 Celeste
13 Black And White
14 Intro Exit