Album Limited Edition LP
Released 17.11.2023
Country Israel
EAN/UPC 4028466933591
Melodic Death Metal
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Sound Of Demise (Ltd. Red Vinyl)

Nail Within

About this album

Nail Within's 'Sound Of Demise' is a powerful and intense album that will leave listeners on the edge of their seats. With a perfect blend of thrash, death, and groove metal, this record showcases the band's signature sound in the most explosive way. From the haunting riffs of 'Eyes Of Deceit' to the bone-crushing breakdowns in 'Beyond The Veil', each track on this album is a sonic assault on the senses. The raw energy and aggression emanating from this album will surely satisfy any metalhead's cravings. 'Sound Of Demise' solidifies Nail Within's position as a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene.
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1 Bleeding Society
2 Eyes Of Evil
3 Sound Of Demise
4 Regression And The Price We Pay
5 Duplicate Our Lives
6 Years Of Madness
7 Everything We Know
8 Words As Weapons
9 Manipulated And Doomed
10 Severe Suffering
11 Isolate