Album Reissue
Released 03.11.2014
Country Slovenia
EAN/UPC 3830057940212
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About this album

Noctiferia's latest album, 'Slovenska Morbida', is a haunting and powerful blend of black and death metal. The Slovenian band's signature sound is infused with atmospheric melodies and crushing riffs, creating a dark and intense listening experience. With lyrics that explore themes of national identity and cultural heritage, 'Slovenska Morbida' is a thought-provoking and emotionally charged album. Noctiferia's technical prowess and dynamic songwriting shine through on tracks like "Slovenska Morbida" and "The Funeral March." This album is a must-listen for fans of extreme metal and those looking for a unique and compelling musical journey.
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1 Fabrica
2 Fall Of Exile
3 Bring Out The Beast
4 Turn Away
5 So Devoid
6 Anyone
7 Forebang
8 Out Of Play
9 Slovenska Morbida
10 Evil Against Evil
11 Mara
12 Bonus Tracks
13 Fall Of Exile (Remix)
14 Forebang (Remix)
15 Mara (Remix)