Album LP
Released 03.08.2018
Country Germany
EAN/UPC 5055274708720
Deep House Electro
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Second Yard Botanicals

Paul Frick

About this album

Paul Frick, the innovative electronic musician and composer, has released his newest album 'Second Yard Botanicals'. With his signature blend of experimental sounds and classical influences, Frick takes listeners on a sonic journey through a lush and otherworldly garden. Each track is a unique and captivating musical landscape, featuring intricate layers of electronic beats, mesmerizing strings, and ethereal vocals. Frick's mastery of composition and production shines through in this album, as he seamlessly blends organic and electronic elements to create a truly immersive and immersive listening experience. 'Second Yard Botanicals' is a must-listen for fans of electronic music and those looking for a refreshing and imaginative sonic experience.
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1 Gramma and Gregor
2 Great Song Title 9
3 Allergy Boy
4 Unterschrieben Und Ärger
5 Church 5 Loop 2
6 Baby Bell
7 Bankhaus August Lenz
8 Neo Biedermeier
9 3000 Euro
10 FF0 Dorsch
11 Karamasow
12 Schöneberg
13 Gotzkowsky Ecke Turm