Released 24.02.2023
Country US
EAN/UPC 0679628036229
Father/Daughter Records
Electronic Pop
Experimental Synth-pop
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Rotten Bun for an Eggless Century

mui zyu

About this album

Mui Zyu's latest album, "Rotten Bun For An Eggless Century," is a powerful and provocative exploration of modern society and its flaws. With a unique blend of electronic and traditional Chinese instruments, Mui Zyu's music creates a haunting and thought-provoking atmosphere. The album delves into themes of corruption, greed, and the loss of traditional values in a rapidly changing world. Mui Zyu's haunting vocals and poetic lyrics paint a vivid picture of a decaying society, leaving listeners questioning their own role in it. "Rotten Bun For An Eggless Century" is a bold and daring statement from a rising artist in the music scene.
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1 Rotten Bun
2 Ghost with a Peach Skin
3 Hotel Mini Soap
4 Mother's Tongue
5 Dusty
6 Ho Bao Daan (Interlude)
7 Demon 01
8 Dancing for Drinks
9 Talk to Death
10 Paw Paw
11 Eggless Century
12 Sore Bear