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Released 17.12.1982
Country UK
EAN/UPC 0029667106511
Ace Records
Horror Rock Rock & Roll Rockabilly
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About this album

Screaming Lord Sutch, the pioneer of shock rock, continues to make waves with his latest album, 'Rock & Horror'. This album is a thrilling blend of hard-hitting rock anthems and spine-chilling horror themes, showcasing Sutch's trademark dramatic vocals and captivating stage presence. From the haunting "Murder in the Graveyard" to the electrifying "Jack the Ripper", Sutch's unique storytelling and energetic performance will keep listeners on the edge of their seats. With its raw and gritty sound, 'Rock & Horror' is a must-listen for fans of both rock and horror, solidifying Sutch's status as a true icon of the genre.
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1 Horror Side
2 Screem & Screem
3 All Black & Hairy
4 Jack The Ripper
5 Monster Rock
6 Rock & Shock
7 Murder In The Graveyard
8 Rock Side
9 London Rocker
10 Penny Penny
11 Rockabilly Madman
12 Oh Well
13 Loonabilly
14 Go-Berry-Go