Compilation Remastered
Released 10.12.2021
Country US
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Wharf Cat Records
No Wave Post-Punk
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Rhythm and Paranoia: The Best of Bush Tetras

Bush Tetras

About this album

The iconic post-punk band, Bush Tetras, has released a compilation album that captures the essence of their groundbreaking sound. Titled "Rhythm And Paranoia: The Best Of Bush Tetras", this album features their most beloved tracks, including "Too Many Creeps" and "Can't Be Funky". With their distinctive blend of funk, punk, and avant-garde influences, Bush Tetras created a whole new wave of music in the 1980s. This collection showcases their raw energy and socially conscious lyrics, making it a must-have for any music lover. Whether you're a longtime fan or a newcomer to their music, "Rhythm And Paranoia" is a perfect introduction to the innovative world of Bush Tetras.
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1 Too Many Creeps
2 Snakes Crawl
3 You Taste Like The Tropics
4 Punch Drunk
5 Cold Turkey (Live In London)
6 Things That Go Boom In The Night
7 Das Ah Riot
8 Cowboys In Africa
9 Rituals
10 You Can't Be Funky
11 Moonlite
12 Dum Dum
13 Stand Up & Fight
14 Page 18
15 Color Green
16 Mr. Lovesong (Alternate Version)
17 World
18 Motörhead
19 Pretty Thing
20 You Don't Know Me
21 Heart Attack
22 Ocean
23 Nails
24 True Blue
25 Red Heavy
26 Out Again
27 There Is A Hum
28 Seven Years
29 Sucker Is Born
30 Run Run Run (Live In San Francisco)