Album Reissue
Released 27.04.1998
Country Germany
EAN/UPC 0090204543472
Blues Folk, World, & Country
Country Blues Folk
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About this album

John Fahey's 'Requia' is a haunting and deeply introspective album that showcases the mastery of the iconic guitarist. Known for his unique blend of blues, folk, and experimental styles, Fahey creates a mesmerizing soundscape with his intricate fingerpicking and emotive melodies. The album's title, meaning "rest in peace," sets the tone for the melancholic and meditative atmosphere throughout the tracks. From the haunting opener "Requiem for John Hurt" to the bittersweet "When the Catfish is in Bloom," Fahey's raw and soulful playing evokes a sense of longing and reflection. 'Requia' is a must-listen for fans of acoustic guitar and introspective music.
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1 Requiem For John Hurt
2 Requiem For Russell Cooper
3 When The Catfish Is In Bloom
4 Requiem For Molly (Part 1)
5 Requiem For Molly (Part 2)
6 Requiem For Molly (Part 3)
7 Requiem For Molly (Part 4)
8 Fight On Christians, Fight On