Released 18.10.1998
Country Slovenia
EAN/UPC 3830005826957
Funk / Soul Jazz Rock
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About this album

"Na Lepem Prijazni - Srceder" is a captivating album that seamlessly blends traditional Slovenian folk music with modern elements. The dynamic and emotive vocals of lead singer, Lepem Prijazni, are beautifully complemented by the intricate instrumentation, transporting listeners to the heart of Slovenia. The lyrics, inspired by the rich cultural heritage of the region, are thought-provoking and soul-stirring. Each track on this album is a journey, filled with heartfelt melodies and enchanting rhythms that will leave listeners yearning for more. "Na Lepem Prijazni - Srceder" is a true masterpiece, showcasing the unique and timeless sound of Slovenian music.
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1 Kovačija
2 Žrtev
3 Pot zaklada
4 Zarotitveni frape
5 Tri kraljeve žene
6 Vojskovodja Wolf
7 Povorka, srh in mrak
8 Sveža kri
9 Dracula bluz
10 Srceder v roki
11 Vojna
12 Ljubila in ubila