Album Reissue Remastered
Released 21.07.2023
Country France
EAN/UPC 3341348053943
Glam Hard Rock Heavy Metal
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About this album

The Poison Dollys have burst onto the music scene with their debut self-titled album, 'Poison Dollys'. This all-female rock band brings a powerful and raw energy to each track, with hard-hitting riffs, catchy melodies, and fierce vocals. From the rebellious anthem "Bad Attitude" to the haunting ballad "Broken Doll", the Poison Dollys showcase their versatility and musical prowess. With influences ranging from classic rock to punk, this album is a must-listen for anyone craving a dose of unapologetic and unapologetically female-driven rock. The Poison Dollys are here to make their mark and leave a lasting impact on the music world.
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1 CD 1
2 Love Is For Suckers
3 On My Way
4 Only You
5 Where You Are
6 Keeper Of The Faith
7 Right Time
8 All Night Through
9 Nobody's Home
10 The Waiting
11 Electric City
12 CD 2 (Rare Recordings & Demos)
13 Great Balls Of Fire
14 I Like It
15 Long Way Down
16 Just Another Day
17 Tell Me You Love Me
18 I Will Always Be Around
19 Turn Out The Lights
20 Hey Big Spender – Nice Boy
21 Come Up
22 One Night Stand
23 Here And Now
24 Stay Tonight
25 Look To Good
26 All For You
27 Mr Heartbreak