Album Reissue
Released 30.04.2021
Country Sweden
EAN/UPC 0725987988881
Nordvis Produktion
Electronic Rock
Ambient Black Metal
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About this album

Swedish atmospheric black metal project Lustre (2) presents their ethereal and hauntingly beautiful album, 'Night Spirit'. With a dreamlike blend of melodic guitar riffs, atmospheric synths, and raw, emotional vocals, Lustre (2) takes listeners on a journey through the darkness and beauty of the night. From the melancholic opener "Moonlit Meadow" to the epic and symphonic "Eternal Winter", each track on this album evokes a sense of mystery and enchantment. With its captivating melodies and haunting atmosphere, 'Night Spirit' is a must-listen for fans of atmospheric black metal and those seeking a sonic escape into the depths of the night.
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