Released 05.11.2021
Country US
EAN/UPC 0789856127924
K Records
Art Rock Avantgarde Lo-Fi
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About this album

"Old Time Relijun's latest album, 'Musicking', is a daring and dynamic exploration of their signature blend of experimental rock and blues. Led by frontman Arrington de Dionyso's mesmerizing vocals and saxophone, the band takes listeners on a journey through hauntingly raw and intense tracks that challenge traditional musical conventions. With thought-provoking lyrics and eclectic instrumentation, 'Musicking' showcases Old Time Relijun's unique and unapologetic sound. From the chaotic energy of 'Indestructible Life!' to the hauntingly beautiful 'Vampire Victim' and the infectious groove of 'Kali's Song', this album is a testament to the band's fearless creativity and musical prowess."
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1 Break Through
2 Bionic Trunk
3 Left Hand Shake
4 The Foundation Is Cracked
5 Back To The Water
6 The Lung Song
7 Love Spell
8 Big D
9 We Start The Fire
10 Life Drawing
11 You That Is You