Released 15.02.2013
Country Germany
EAN/UPC 4260158835909
Out Of Line
Electronic Pop
Darkwave Electro Synth-pop
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About this album

Blutengel's latest album, 'Monument', is a powerful and haunting addition to their discography. The German band's signature blend of darkwave and synthpop is on full display, with emotive vocals and atmospheric instrumentals creating a captivating listening experience. Each track on 'Monument' tells a unique story, exploring themes of love, loss, and the human condition. The album showcases Blutengel's growth and evolution as artists, while staying true to their gothic roots. With its haunting melodies and hauntingly beautiful lyrics, 'Monument' is a must-listen for fans and a testament to Blutengel's enduring talent and influence in the alternative music scene.
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