Album Limited Edition LP Reissue
Released 30.07.2021
Country Europe
EAN/UPC 5054429148725
Ninja Tune
Electronic Jazz
Downtempo Future Jazz Soul-Jazz
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About this album

The Cinematic Orchestra's album, Ma Fleur, is a mesmerizing and emotional journey through sound. The group, known for their fusion of jazz, electronic, and orchestral elements, have created a truly cinematic experience with this release. Each track is carefully crafted, building upon delicate piano melodies and haunting vocals, to create a sense of both beauty and melancholy. The use of strings and brass adds depth and texture to the already rich production. Ma Fleur is a testament to The Cinematic Orchestra's ability to create a sonic landscape that evokes intense emotion and transports the listener to another world. A must-listen for any music lover.
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1 To Build A Home
2 Familiar Ground
3 That Home
4 Child Song
5 Music Box
6 Ma Fleur
7 Prelude
8 As The Stars Fall
9 Into You
10 Breathe
11 Time & Space
12 Colours
13 Flowers
14 Talking About Freedom