Released 12.11.2021
Country Germany
EAN/UPC 4015698328424
Nordic Notes
Folk, World, & Country
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Love Hurts


About this album

Enkel's newest album, 'Love Hurts', is a powerful and emotional journey through heartbreak and healing. The Swedish singer-songwriter pours her soul into each track, delivering haunting melodies and heartfelt lyrics that resonate with anyone who has ever experienced the pain of love. From the raw vulnerability of "Broken Pieces" to the bittersweet longing of "Fading Memories", Enkel captures the complexity of love and its aftermath with stunning clarity and depth. With a blend of soulful pop and acoustic elements, 'Love Hurts' showcases Enkel's exceptional vocal range and storytelling abilities. This album is a must-listen for anyone looking to connect with their own heartache and find solace in music.
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