Released 19.08.2016
Country Germany
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Folk, World, & Country
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Khmer Rouge Survivors: They Will Kill You, If You


About this album

The album "Khmer Rouge Survivors (Cambodia)" by Various artists is a powerful and emotional tribute to the resilience and strength of the Cambodian people. Through a collection of traditional and contemporary songs, listeners are taken on a journey through the country's tumultuous history and the enduring spirit of its survivors. From haunting vocals to intricate instrumentals, each track tells a unique story of survival and perseverance. The artists on this album skillfully blend tradition with modern influences, creating a sound that is both captivating and deeply moving. "Khmer Rouge Survivors (Cambodia)" is a must-listen for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of Cambodian culture and history.
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1 Phnom Domrey Trom
2 Pjanch Meah
3 Aasojet Anet Mai
4 Orano
5 Jivit Rongkroh Proh Songkream
6 Kontriev Doeung Kon Mai
7 Prolop Phkaypreat
8 Kamara Rongkaam
9 Ao Sat Sarika
10 Boonchnam Kamtkosal
11 Pineak Doeulang Knong Soun
12 Phleuv Dail Treuv Deu
13 Bong Euy Sdaap Pkor
14 Preh Kon Euypok