Album LP
Released 28.09.2018
Country Europe
EAN/UPC 0730003737312
!K7 Records
Abstract Ambient Experimental
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About this album

Tomat Petrella's album 'Kepler' is a mesmerizing journey through the depths of electronic music. The Italian producer creates a sonic landscape that is both ethereal and pulsating, drawing inspiration from the mysterious exoplanet Kepler 186f. With its intricate layers of synths, hypnotic beats, and haunting vocals, 'Kepler' transports listeners to an otherworldly realm of sound. Each track is a carefully crafted piece of art, showcasing Tomat Petrella's mastery of production and his ability to create a captivating atmosphere. From the dreamy opening track to the intense and dynamic finale, 'Kepler' is a must-listen for fans of electronic music.
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1 Wolf 1061 C
2 HD 40307 G
3 Trappist 1 E
4 Proxima Centauri B
5 Gliese 667 CC
6 K2 72 E
7 Tau Ceti E
8 Kepler 186 F