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Finnish singer-songwriter Päivi Hirvonen delivers a heartfelt and intimate album with "Kallio". Inspired by her hometown of Helsinki's iconic Kallio district, Hirvonen's lyrics paint a vivid picture of the neighborhood's bustling streets and the memories it holds for her. Her soulful vocals are accompanied by a mix of acoustic and electronic elements, creating a unique blend of folk and pop. With songs that range from upbeat and catchy to haunting and melancholic, "Kallio" is a captivating journey through Hirvonen's personal experiences and emotions. It's an album that will resonate with listeners, inviting them to take a stroll through the streets and stories of Kallio along with her.
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1 Kulkijat / Travellers
2 Tuulen Tyttoe / Wind Girl
3 Kallio / Rock
4 Varjot / The Shadows
5 Irti / Letting Go
6 Vahvan Viitta / Cloak Of Strength
7 Surulintu / Sorrow Bird
8 Tie / The Road
9 Vanha Ja Vapaa / Old And Free