Released 06.07.2018
Country Finland
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About this album

Finnish folk artist Anne-Mari Kivimäki delivers a stunning and heartfelt collection of songs in her latest album, "Ilja." With her delicate yet powerful vocals and masterful command of traditional instruments such as the kantele and accordion, Kivimäki takes listeners on a journey through her personal experiences and emotions. Each track is a beautiful blend of haunting melodies and poetic lyrics, showcasing Kivimäki's skill as a songwriter and storyteller. From the tender ballad "Kuvikseni" to the energetic and lively "Tähtien Tanssi," "Ilja" is a must-listen for lovers of folk music and fans of Kivimäki's unique sound.
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1 Ilja
2 Kontokin Kulmilla = On The Outskirts Of Kontokki
3 Ljuuli, Ljuuli & Raja = Lully, Lullay & Border
4 Siitä Alko Pyhä = The Festival Begins
5 Kenttä-äänityksiä Osa 1 = Field Recordings Part 1
6 Karjalan Poikia Karjalassa = Karelian Boys In Karelia
7 Kenttä-äänityksiä Osa 2 = Field Recordings Part 2
8 Anarkiaa Karjalassa = Anarchy In Karelia
9 Pitkänvaaraan = To Pitkänvaara
10 Kaivos 2.0 = The Mine 2.0
11 Ajettih Da Tsiganaiset