Album Limited Edition LP
Released 14.06.2019
Country US
EAN/UPC 0811408032469
Run For Cover Records
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About this album

Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else's latest album, 'Hot Spring', is a captivating blend of indie rock and dreamy pop. With Radcliffe's hauntingly beautiful vocals and the band's intricate instrumentation, this album takes listeners on a journey through lush soundscapes and introspective lyrics. The tracks range from upbeat and energetic to mellow and melancholic, showcasing the band's versatility and musical prowess. Each song is carefully crafted, creating a cohesive and immersive listening experience. 'Hot Spring' is a must-listen for fans of alternative music and a testament to Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else's talent and creativity.
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1 The Birds
2 Bloodletting
3 True Love's Territory
4 Clocktower
5 Here Comes The Snow
6 Floss For The Future
7 Thick Fog
8 Walking Back
9 No Money
10 Centaur's Song