Limited Edition LP Stereo
Released 13.02.2024
Country US
EAN/UPC 5063176007919
Laced Records
Electronic Stage & Screen
Ambient Dark Ambient Score Soundtrack Tribal Video Game Music
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About this album

Paul Ruskay, known for his captivating and cinematic compositions, has released his highly anticipated album, "Homeworld Remastered." The album features remastered versions of the iconic soundtrack from the popular video game, Homeworld, originally released in 1999. Ruskay's masterful blend of orchestral and electronic elements creates an immersive listening experience that transports listeners into the vast and mysterious universe of Homeworld. Each track is a journey in itself, evoking emotions of wonder, nostalgia, and adventure. With its impeccable production and stunning reimagining of the original score, "Homeworld Remastered" is a must-have for fans of both video games and epic soundtracks.
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1 The Guidestone
2 The Beginning
3 Hyperdrive Test
4 Outer Kharak System
5 The Kar-Selimin
6 Turanic Raiders
7 Return to Kharak
8 Did Not Survive Interrogation
9 The Great Wastelands
10 The Bentusi
11 Tradeship Exchange
12 Pursuit
13 Imperial Battle (Original)
14 Imperial Battle (Remixed)
15 Imperial Transmission
16 Into the Heart of the Galaxy
17 No One Returns
18 The Gardens of Kadesh
19 Ultimatum
20 Swarmers Attack
21 Similarities
22 History of the Kadeshi
23 The Sea of Lost Souls
24 Entering the Outer Rim
25 Heavy Radiation
26 The Emperor Speaks
27 The Bentusi Under Attack
28 The Rebellion Begins
29 The Karos Graveyard
30 Hiigara System
31 Bridge of Sighs
32 Hyperspace Inhibitors
33 Final Preparations
34 Headshot Asteroid
35 Final Throes
36 One Step Too Close
37 Tutorial