Released 27.03.2015
Country Germany
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Hanoi Masters


About this album

The album "Hanoi Masters (Vietnam) - War Is A Wound, Peace Is A Scar" showcases the rich musical heritage of Vietnam through the lens of war and its aftermath. The various artists featured on this album bring a diverse range of traditional and contemporary sounds, highlighting the resilience and strength of the Vietnamese people. From haunting vocals and intricate instrumentals to powerful storytelling, each track tells a unique and poignant story of the country's history and culture. This album is a must-listen for anyone interested in exploring the intersection of music and war, and the enduring spirit of the Vietnamese people.
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1 For The Fallen
2 Help Us In This Life = Hát Văn
3 Road To Home = Về Quê
4 The Wind Blows It Away
5 I Long To Return To My Hometown = Quê Mẹ
6 Heroine Song = Hát Hầu Cô Bơ
7 Doomed Love = Xẩm Huê Tình
8 The Rice Drum = Trống Cơm
9 Gratitude = Xẩm Thập Ân
10 Please Wait For Me
11 Taking Your Spirit To The Next World = Hát Lô Hương