Album Compilation Reissue Remastered
Released 29.04.2016
Country Belgium
EAN/UPC 0876623007555
Electronic Rock
Avantgarde Darkwave Experimental
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Half-Mute / Give Me New Noise : Half-Mute Reflected


About this album

"Tuxedomoon and various artists come together to redefine the avant-garde music scene with their latest collaboration, 'Half-Mute / Give Me New Noise: Half-Mute Reflected'. This album is a seamless fusion of experimental soundscapes, haunting vocals, and intricate instrumentals that take the listener on a journey through the realms of post-punk, new wave, and electronic music. The iconic album 'Half-Mute' is reflected upon and reimagined by a diverse range of artists, resulting in a dynamic and thought-provoking musical experience. With its bold and innovative approach, 'Half-Mute / Give Me New Noise' is a must-have for any music lover looking to push the boundaries of conventional music."
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1 Give Me New Noise - Half-Mute Reflected
2 Nazca
3 59 To 1
4 Fifth Column (Vocal Version)
5 Tritone (Musica Diablo)
6 Loneliness
7 James Whale
8 What Use?
9 Volo Vivace
10 7 Years
11 KM / Seeding the Clouds
12 Tritone (Musica Diablo)
13 Crash (Extended Version)
14 Dark Companion
15 Half-Mute
16 Nazca
17 59 To 1
18 Fifth Column
19 Tritone (Musica Diablo)
20 Loneliness
21 James Whale
22 What Use?
23 Volo Vivace
24 7 Years
25 KM / Seeding The Clouds