Album LP
Released 22.01.2021
Country US
EAN/UPC 0618119854461
American Dreams Records
Experimental Noise
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About this album

Evicshen's debut album, 'Hair Birth', is a mesmerizing journey through experimental electronic music. The artist, also known as Victoria Shen, creates a sonic landscape that is both haunting and ethereal. Her use of unconventional instruments, such as hair dryers and kitchen appliances, adds a unique texture to the album. Each track is a carefully crafted blend of ambient and industrial sounds, creating a sense of tension and release throughout the album. 'Hair Birth' is a testament to Evicshen's experimental approach to music, pushing the boundaries of traditional electronic music and delivering a truly captivating listening experience.
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1 Current Affair
2 Under The Stall Door
3 Classical Mechanics
4 Funhouse Mirror Stage
5 Bolete
6 Lissajous
7 Fever Pitch