Album Reissue Remastered
Released 11.03.2022
Country Germany
EAN/UPC 0727361530921
Death Metal Grindcore
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About this album

Macabre's latest album, 'Grim Scary Tales', is a hauntingly brilliant collection of songs that delve into the dark and twisted corners of the human psyche. With their signature blend of death metal and lyrics inspired by true crime stories, Macabre takes listeners on a macabre journey through some of the most gruesome and chilling tales. The band's musicianship is on full display, with bone-chilling riffs and intense drumming that perfectly complement the unsettling subject matter. Whether you're a fan of horror or metal, 'Grim Scary Tales' is a must-listen for its unique and captivating blend of both genres.
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1 Locusta
2 Nero's Inferno
3 The Black Knight
4 Dracula
5 The Big Bad Wolf
6 Countess Bathory
7 Burke And Hare
8 Mary Ann
9 The Bloody Benders
10 Lizzy Borden
11 The Ripper Tramp From France
12 Bella The Butcher
13 The Kiss Of Death
14 The Sweet Tender Meat Vendor