Album LP Reissue
Released 16.04.1996
Country US
EAN/UPC 0036172085712
Touch and Go Records
Indie Rock Lo-Fi
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About this album

Man Or Astro-Man? returns with their highly anticipated album, Experiment Zero. Known for their unique blend of surf rock, punk, and sci-fi themes, the band delivers a sonic journey that explores the unknown realms of the universe. Experiment Zero is a dynamic and energetic album, showcasing the band's signature sound with a fresh and modern twist. From the catchy riffs of "Defcon 5" to the experimental sounds of "Antimatter Man," each track takes the listener on a thrilling ride through space and time. With their out-of-this-world sound and captivating storytelling, Man Or Astro-Man? once again proves why they are a force to be reckoned with in the music world.
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1 Stereo Phase Test
2 Television Fission
4 Planet Collision
5 Big Trak Attack
6 9 Volt
7 Evil Plans Of Planet Spectra
8 Anoxia
9 Maximum Radiation Level
10 King Of The Monsters
11 Cyborg Control
12 Test Driver
13 Television Man
14 Z-X3
15 Principles Unknown
16 The Space Alphabet