Compilation Limited Edition
Released 24.11.2017
Country US
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Modern Harmonic
Free Jazz
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About this album

Sun Ra, the legendary jazz musician and pioneer of Afrofuturism, has once again pushed the boundaries of sound with his latest album, 'Exotica'. With his signature blend of freeform improvisation and eclectic influences, Sun Ra takes listeners on a cosmic journey through lush soundscapes and infectious rhythms. Drawing inspiration from exotic cultures and ancient civilizations, each track on 'Exotica' is a vibrant fusion of jazz, world music, and avant-garde experimentation. From the haunting melodies of "Island in the Sun" to the frenetic energy of "Yucatan", Sun Ra's musical vision knows no bounds. Fans of jazz and adventurous listeners alike will be captivated by the otherworldly magic of 'Exotica'.
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1 Kingdom Of Thunder
2 Space Mates (Abridged)
3 Star Bright
4 The Nile, Part 1
5 Eve
6 Tiny Pyramids
7 The Lady With The Golden Stockings
8 Paradise
9 New Horizons
10 Portrait Of The Living Sky
11 India
12 Ancient Aiethopia
13 Planet Earth
14 April In Paris
15 Island In The Sun (Complete Version)
16 Africa
17 Friendly Galaxy
18 Interstellar Low Ways
19 The Conversion Of J.P. (Abridged)
20 Cha-Cha In Outer Space
21 Brazilian Sun
22 Lights On A Satellite
23 Somewhere In Space
24 Spontaneous Simplicity
25 Overtones Of China