Released 06.03.2020
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Eternal Dance


About this album

Monika Herzig's album 'Eternal Dance' is a captivating blend of jazz, world music, and classical influences. Herzig, a renowned pianist and composer, leads a talented ensemble through a diverse and dynamic musical journey. From the energetic and rhythmic title track to the dreamy and ethereal "Morning Mist," each song showcases Herzig's masterful musicianship and unique vision. The album also features guest appearances by acclaimed artists such as Mayra Casales and Leni Stern, adding layers of richness to the already multi-faceted sound. With its seamless fusion of genres and expertly crafted compositions, 'Eternal Dance' is a must-listen for any music lover.
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1 We Are The Champions
2 Eternal Dance
3 Dear Geri
4 Rabbit
5 Fly High
6 We Can Be (S)Heroes
7 Fall In Reading
8 Seas Of Change
9 Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
10 Up In The Sky
11 Memories Of Petra