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Released 07.05.2021
Country Europe
EAN/UPC 5013929918726
Cherry Red
Grunge Psychedelic Rock
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About this album

Seattle-based grunge pioneers Screaming Trees returned with their highly-anticipated fifth studio album, 'Dust'. Known for their raw and unapologetic sound, the band delivers a collection of songs that showcase their signature blend of alternative rock, psychedelia, and blues. From the haunting and melancholic "Dying Days" to the hard-hitting and infectious "All I Know", 'Dust' is a powerful and dynamic album that solidifies Screaming Trees' status as one of the most influential bands of the grunge movement. With frontman Mark Lanegan's gritty vocals and the band's gritty instrumentals, 'Dust' is a must-listen for any fan of 90s alternative rock.
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1 Dust
2 Halo Of Ashes
3 All I Know
4 Look At You
5 Dying Days
6 Make My Mind
7 Sworn And Broken
8 Witness
9 Traveler
10 Dime Western
11 Gospel Plow
12 Bonus Tracks
13 Darkness Darkness
14 Paperback Bible
15 Watchpocket Blues
16 Wasted Time
17 Silver Tongue
18 Butterfly (Live 1995)
19 Dollar Bill (Live 1995)
20 Caught Between / The Secret Kind (Live 1995)
21 Working Class Hero
22 Morning Dew
23 Freedom