Album LP Reissue Remastered
Released 01.07.2011
Country Argentina
EAN/UPC 0081227977771
Funk / Soul Pop
Contemporary R&B Funk
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About this album

Prince's third studio album, 'Dirty Mind', is a boundary-pushing, genre-defying masterpiece that cemented his status as a musical icon. Released in 1980, it was a bold departure from his previous work, exploring more explicit themes and incorporating elements of funk, rock, and new wave. With songs like "Head" and "Uptown", Prince fearlessly challenged societal norms and embraced his sexuality, while also showcasing his unmatched musical talent and versatility. The album's raw and provocative lyrics, combined with its infectious grooves and electrifying guitar riffs, make it a timeless and essential addition to any music collection. 'Dirty Mind' solidified Prince's status as a fearless innovator and remains a standout in his legendary discography.
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1 Dirty Mind
2 When You Were Mine
3 Do It All Night
4 Gotta Broken Heart Again
5 Uptown
6 Head
7 Sister
8 Partyup