LP Stereo
Released 27.11.2020
Country Italy
EAN/UPC 5050580744585
Original Cultures
Electronic Funk / Soul Jazz
Afrobeat Funk Jazz-Funk
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About this album

Oké (2) has once again captivated listeners with their latest album, 'Deserto'. This powerful and emotional collection of songs takes listeners on a journey through the vast and desolate landscapes of the desert. The haunting vocals and haunting melodies perfectly capture the sense of isolation and longing that comes with traversing such harsh terrain. Each track is a carefully crafted blend of traditional and modern elements, showcasing Oké (2)'s unique sound and musical prowess. With 'Deserto', Oké (2) has once again proven themselves as masterful storytellers and musicians, leaving listeners enchanted and wanting more.
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1 Oasi
2 Five Tribes
3 Ochosi Ayillda
4 Aro
5 Il Venditore di Elastici
6 Songs of Cabilia
7 Hammada
8 Queens of the Supercolony
9 The Secret Bayle of the Maharajas
10 Tarantula
11 Serir
12 Tamahaq
13 Tarantula part 2
14 Namib
15 Equinox
16 A Night in Tunisia
17 Takouba
18 The Tale of the Web-Footed Rain Frog