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Released 11.06.2021
Country US
EAN/UPC 0769256795435
Unseen Worlds
Classical Electronic Rock
Contemporary Electroacoustic Experimental Modern
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Degrees Of Freedom Found

''Blue'' Gene Tyranny

About this album

"Blue" Gene Tyranny's "Degrees Of Freedom Found" is a mesmerizing journey through the depths of experimental music. With his signature blend of classical and electronic elements, Tyranny takes listeners on a sonic exploration of freedom, both physical and emotional. Each track is a unique and thought-provoking experience, ranging from hauntingly beautiful piano melodies to pulsing synth beats. The album showcases Tyranny's mastery of composition and his ability to transport listeners to a world of boundless musical possibilities. With "Degrees Of Freedom Found," "Blue" Gene Tyranny solidifies his place as a true pioneer in the realm of avant-garde music.
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1 A Letter From Home
2 Spirit
3 The 36 Chords From The Drivers Son
4 The Invention Of Memory
5 Time Transposing Pianist
6 On The Road To Blounstown (A True Story)
7 Dreamtime: In The Past
8 Dreamtime: In The Outback
9 Dreamtime: Blue Moon Rye
10 Tango For Band
11 Any Fine Afternoon
12 Meditation For Trio And Chamber Orchestra
13 Sleeping Beauty In Camouflage
14 The Driver's Son (Intro)
15 The Driver's Son (Scene I)
16 The Driver's Son (Scene II)
17 The Driver's Son (Scene III)
18 The Driver's Son (Scene IV)
19 The Driver's Son (Scene V)
20 The Driver's Son (Interlude)
21 The Driver's Son (Scene V)
22 He Was Here
23 The De-Certified Highway Of Dreams
24 The Great Seal, For Two Pianos
25 Barn Fever
26 Tango For Two
27 We All Watch The Sun And The Moon (For A Moment Of Insight)
28 Daylight Savings
29 Driving Music
30 Leading A Double Life
31 Confession
32 Excerpts From Archaeocoustics #1 (The Shining Net)
33 Wooden Nickels
34 How To Swing A Dog
35 Recollections: Songs From Aphasia (The Word)
36 Recollections: Songs From Aphasia (Speech)
37 Recollections: Songs From Aphasia (Road Trip)
38 Recollections: Songs From Aphasia (Orpheus)
39 Harvey Milk (Portrait)
40 That Then, Now This
41 The Forecaster Hopes