Album Limited Edition LP Reissue
Released 27.01.2023
Country Germany
EAN/UPC 4251267712649
High Roller Records
Heavy Metal
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About this album

Legendary heavy metal band Manilla Road delivers a truly epic and powerful album with "Crystal Logic." Known for their unique blend of fantasy-inspired lyrics and raw, intense sound, the band once again showcases their mastery of the genre with this release. From the thunderous riffs and soaring vocals of "Necropolis" to the haunting melodies of "The Riddle Master," each track takes listeners on a journey through a mystical world of magic and adventure. With its exceptional musicianship and masterful storytelling, "Crystal Logic" cements Manilla Road's status as one of the most influential and beloved bands in the heavy metal scene.
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1 Prologue
2 Necropolis
3 Crystal Logic
4 Feeling Free Again
5 The Riddle Master
6 The Ram
7 The Veils Of Negative Existence
8 Dreams Of Eschaton
9 Epilogue
10 Flaming Metal Systems (Additional 1983 Compilation Track)