Album LP
Released 08.04.2022
Country Germany
EAN/UPC 0673793329315
Melting Pot Music
Hip Hop
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Close Distance


About this album

FloFilz, the German producer and beatmaker, has graced us with his latest album, 'Close Distance'. Known for his jazzy and soulful sound, FloFilz takes us on a musical journey with 14 tracks that seamlessly blend hip-hop, jazz, and electronic elements. Each song on 'Close Distance' is a unique masterpiece, showcasing FloFilz's impeccable production skills and his ability to create captivating beats. The album features collaborations with talented artists such as Alfa Mist and Barney Artist, adding an extra layer of depth to the already rich and vibrant sound. With its smooth and mellow vibes, 'Close Distance' is a must-listen for any music lover.
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1 Somerset
2 Walkthrough
3 Nighttime Aquatics (Baths Redub)
4 Nanotech Serenade (Baths Redub)
5 Rain Smell
6 Calliope [Unreleased / FACT Mix Exclusive]
7 Simplehearted (Baths Redub)
8 At Our Cabin In The Woods
9 Departure
10 Untitled [Unreleased / FACT Mix Exclusive]
11 Swept Off [Unreleased / FACT Mix Exclusive]
12 Greenery Beyond Clouds (Baths Redub)
13 Palm Springs [Unreleased / FACT Mix Exclusive]
14 Middle School Sleepaways (Baths Redub)
15 Kozue
16 People Watching (Baths Redub)
17 Waterway
18 Untitled [Unreleased / FACT Mix Exclusive]
19 Turian Courtship (Reworked)
20 Rafting Starlit Everglades
21 Riding Thermals