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Released 29.11.2019
Country Europe
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Indie Rock
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About this album

Mercury Rev's All Is Dream is a captivating and dreamy masterpiece that takes listeners on a sonic journey through ethereal soundscapes and introspective lyrics. The band effortlessly blends elements of indie rock, psychedelic pop, and orchestral arrangements to create an otherworldly experience. The album is a testament to Mercury Rev's evolution as musicians, with each track showcasing their musical versatility and imaginative storytelling. Lead singer Jonathan Donahue's haunting vocals add an enchanting layer to the already mesmerizing instrumentals. All Is Dream is a must-listen for fans of atmospheric and emotionally charged music that transports you to a dreamlike state.
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1 All Is Dream
2 The Dark Is Rising
3 Tides Of The Moon
4 Chains
5 Lincoln's Eyes
6 Nite And Fog
7 Little Rhymes
8 A Drop In Time
9 You're My Queen
10 Spiders And Flies
11 Hercules
12 B-Sides, Demos & Outtakes
13 Planet Caravan
14 Streets Of Laredo
15 I Keep A Close Watch
16 Nocturne (C# Minor)
17 Blue Skies
18 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
19 Spiders And Flies (Peel Session)
20 Gymnopedies #3 (Peel Session)
21 Mascara Tears
22 The Brook Room
23 Silver And Gold
24 A Drop In Time (Demo)
25 Where The Mountains Start To Rise (Demo)
26 Nite And Fog (Demo)
27 Back Into The Sun (You´re The One)
28 A Quick One At Artie´s 44
29 Mr. Moonlight Will Come
30 Boy´s Choir
31 Cool Waves
32 Hercules (Demo)
33 In Concert
34 The Dark Is Rising (Dublin 03/10/01)
35 Tides Of The Moon (Copenhagen 27/08/02)
36 Chains (Dallas 07/12/01)
37 Nite And Fog (Ghent 07/11/01)
38 Lincoln´s Eyes (Lille 09/11/01)
39 The Saw Song (Detroit 23/11/01)
40 Planet Caravan (Munich 23(/10/01)
41 Little Rhymes (Los Angeles 03/12/01)
42 You´re My Queen (Milano 13/04/02)
43 Spiders And Flies (Oslo 30.08.02)
44 Hercules (Clermont-Ferrand 18/04/02)
45 Jean Genie (Copenhagen 27/08/02)
46 The Black Sessions
47 The Funny Bird
48 Tides Of The Moon
49 Tonite It Shows
50 Lincoln´s Eyes
51 The Saw Song
52 You´re My Queen
53 Goddess On A Hiway
54 Holes
55 Opus 40
56 Spiders And Flies
57 The Dark Is Rising