Released 08.09.2017
Country US
EAN/UPC 5054429119176
Counter Records
Electronic Pop
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A Moment Apart


About this album

Odesza's latest masterpiece, "A Moment Apart," is a stunning blend of electronic music and organic instrumentation that takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery and reflection. The album's rich and dynamic soundscapes, layered with ethereal vocals and intricate beats, create a captivating atmosphere that is both uplifting and introspective. Each track tells a unique story, evoking a range of emotions from nostalgia to hope. Odesza's signature production style shines through in this album, showcasing their growth as artists while staying true to their roots. "A Moment Apart" is a must-listen for any electronic music fan, and a testament to Odesza's talent and creative vision.
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1 Intro
2 A Moment Apart
3 Higher Ground
4 Boy
5 Line Of Sight
6 Late Night
7 Across The Room
8 Meridian
9 Everything At Your Feet
10 Just A Memory
11 Divide
12 Thin Floors And Tall Ceilings
13 La Ciudad
14 Falls
15 Show Me
16 Corners Of The Earth