Alex The Fairy


Alex The Fairy is a dynamic and innovative music duo hailing from the vibrant music scene in Los Angeles, California. Consisting of Alex Ramirez and Lily Thompson, the duo formed in 2018 and quickly made a name for themselves with their unique blend of dreamy pop melodies, shimmering synths, and ethereal vocals.

Alex The Fairy draws inspiration from a wide range of musical influences, including indie pop, electronic, and dream pop, resulting in a sound that is both captivating and distinctive. Their music is characterized by lush production, infectious hooks, and introspective lyrics that explore themes of love, self-discovery, and the complexities of human emotions.

Since their formation, Alex The Fairy has been steadily building a dedicated fan base with their captivating live performances and their engaging presence on social media. They have released several singles and EPs, receiving critical acclaim for their songwriting and production skills.

With their dreamy soundscapes and enchanting melodies, Alex The Fairy continues to push boundaries and defy expectations, carving out a unique space for themselves in the indie music landscape. As they continue to evolve and grow as artists, there is no doubt that Alex The Fairy will continue to captivate audiences with their mesmerizing music and heartfelt lyrics.


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Alex The Fairy

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3. 6. 2022 Electronic MC
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